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Puerto Rico Itinerary 4 Days

f you’re looking for a place to relax and rejuvenate, look no further than Puerto Rico! This beautiful island has something for everyone, from stunning beaches to exciting nightlife. And with our Puerto Rico itinerary, you can make the most of your time on the island.


Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island that is rich in culture andhistory. There are many things to see and do on the island, and 4 days is justenough time to get a taste of what Puerto Rico has to offer. This itinerary willhelp you make the most of your 4 days in Puerto Rico.

On your first day, start by exploring the capital city of San Juan. Stroll alongthe historic streets of Old San Juan, visit the 16th-century El Morro fort, andenjoy the views from Castillo San Cristobal. In the afternoon, head to thebeach for some relaxation time.

On day two, take a day trip from San Juan to experience the natural beauty ofPuerto Rico. Spend some time hiking in El Yunque National Forest or go for aswim in one of the many waterfalls. In the evening, return to San Juan for somedelicious Puerto Rican food and live music.

On day three, rent a car and drive around the island to explore some of themore remote areas of Puerto Rico. Visit small towns like Adjuntas or Fajardo,and don’t forget to stop at one of the many beaches along the way.

On your fourth and final day, spend some time visiting one of Puerto Rico’smany museums or zoos. Or, if you’re looking for something more active, take animpromptu hike through one of the many nature trails on the island. Whatever youchoose to do on your last day in Puerto Rico, make sure you enjoy everyminute!

Where to Stay

There are a number of great places to stay in Puerto Rico, depending on your budget, style, and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a luxury resort, a cozy bed and breakfast, or a simple apartment rental, you can find the perfect place to call home during your stay on the island.

For luxury accommodations, consider the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort or the W Hotel Vieques Island. If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, try the El Conquistador Resort or the Hilton Ponce Golf & Casino Resort. Bed and breakfasts are also popular in Puerto Rico, and there are many great options to choose from including the Inn atdos Gatos and the Casa Isabel Bed & Breakfast.

If you’re hoping to rent an apartment or villa during your stay, there are many options available throughout Puerto Rico. VRBO is a great resource for finding rentals in Puerto Rico, and there are also many property management companies that specialize in vacation rentals on the island.

What to Eat

There is no shortage of great food to be found in Puerto Rico, so you’ll definitely want to make time to sample as much of it as you can. From fresh seafood to traditional Puerto Rican dishes, here are some of the best things to eat during your trip.

· Arroz con gandules: This dish is made with rice, pigeon peas, pork, and sofrito (a garlic, onion, and green pepper sauce). It’s a staple of Puerto Rican cuisine and is often served at special occasions.

· MOFongo: Mofongo is a dish made withfried plantains that are mashed together and usually served with meat or seafood. It’s a popular dish in Puerto Rico and can be found at most restaurants.

· Pescado frito: Fried fish is a common dish in Puerto Rico, and there are many different ways to prepare it. Make sure to try it while you’re here!

· Empanadillas: Empanadillas are pastries that are filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables. They make for a great snack or light meal.

· Tostones: Tostones are another popular dish made with fried plantains. They’re often served as an appetizer or side dish.

What to Do

San Juan

Wandering Old San Juan is like taking a step back in time. With its pastel-colored Colonial buildings, historic forts, and cobblestone streets, Old San Juan feels more like Europe than the Caribbean. The best way to see it is on foot, strolling from one picturesque spot to the next. Highlights include the 16th-century El Morro and San Cristobal fortresses, both part of San Juan National Historic Site; Plaza de Armas, the city’s main square; and Paseo de la Princesa, a romantic promenade overlooking the bay. Don’t miss a walk through Calle Fortaleza, a charming pedestrian street lined with shops and cafes.

El Yunque National Forest
El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest in the US National Forest system. Located just an hour from San Juan, this 28,000-acre park is home to hiking trails, waterfalls, swimming holes, and scenic lookout points. Take a short hike to La Mina Falls, where you can cool off with a dip in one of the pools beneath the cascading water. For sweeping views of the forest and nearby beaches, drive to El Mirador lookout point. And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for coqui frogs, a species unique to Puerto Rico that’s known for its distinctive “co-kee” call.

Isla Caja de Muertos
Isla Caja de Muertos (“Dead Man’s Chest Island”) got its ominous name from pirates who used it as a hiding place for their treasure chests. Today it’s better known as a snorkeling paradise, with clear turquoise waters teeming with colorful fish. You can also lounge on secluded beaches or take a nature hike through dry forest areas dotted with cacti and iguanas. Isla Caja de Muertos can be reached by boat from Ponce or La Guancha Boardwalk; both offer several daily departures.

Day 1

-Arrive in San Juan
-Check into your hotel
-Walk around Old San Juan
-Visit El Morro Fort
-Watch the sunset at La Fortaleza
-Have dinner at a local restaurant

Day 2

After breakfast at your hotel, we’ll start the day with a tour of Old San Juan. We’ll walk through the cobblestone streets and learn about the history of this 500 year old city. We’ll visit the El Morro fort, and then stop for lunch at a local restaurant.

In the afternoon, we’ll take a drive to the rainforest. We’ll hike through the forest and see some of the amazing plants and animals that live there. We’ll also visit a Puerto Rican coffee plantation and learn about the process of making coffee. We’ll end the day with dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 3

After a leisurely breakfast at your hotel, head out to explore Puerto Rico. Check out the nearby Rincon Beach, or take a short drive to one of the many other beaches in the area. In the afternoon, take a hike through one of Puerto Rico’s many nature trails, or visit a nearby town or village.

In the evening, enjoy a traditional Puerto Rican meal at one of the island’s many restaurants. Be sure to try some of the local dishes, such as mofongo (a dish made with mashed plantains), arroz con gandules (rice and beans), and lechon (roast pork). After dinner, enjoy some live music or dancing at one of Rincon’s many bars and clubs.

Day 4

On your fourth day in Puerto Rico, you’ll explore Old San Juan and the nearby El Yunque National Forest.

In Old San Juan, you’ll stroll the cobblestone streets, visit the 16th-century El Morro fort, and tour the San Juan Cathedral. Then, you’ll head to El Yunque National Forest, where you can hike through the rainforest and swim under waterfalls.

After a day of exploring, you’ll return to your hotel in San Juan for a relaxing evening.

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